LIVE: 5 Things I’m Loving Right Now (November Edition)


1. Still hooked on Pinterest!!!  I’m getting so many ideas for my house, crafts and food — I need more hours in the day to handle all this creativity!

2. Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson – very well written and fascinating story

3. My Breville Mini Pie Maker from Williams Sonoma

4. Eat, Live, Run blog – Great yummy recipes!  Jenna posts a couple times a week, on average.

5. Small Business Saturday with American Express – I spent the Saturday afternoon after Thanksgiving exploring Old Town Alexandria and its plethora of small businesses!  I found some amazing stores that have supercute home decor and fashion, as well as visited my frequent stops – Fibre Space for some more materials for knitting projects and Pacers Running Store for a really comfy, lightweight zip up jacket.  And, since I registered BOTH of my Amex cards, I will be getting $25 for each card credited to my statements.  YEA!!

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