Space Tea Baby Shower for a Baby Boy

One of my very closest and oldest friend is having her first baby, so of course I was first in line to ask…ok maybe demand…to be the one to host her shower!  Thinking of a theme was super easy after we found out it was a boy because my friend has loved outer space/NASA/astronauts since she was a little girl, and both she and her husband are aero-astro engineers.  But having it be all about space seemed more like a little boy’s birthday party, not a classy baby shower.  To boost the elegance factor, I decided to combine the idea of high tea with space.  You’d think that putting that into Google to look for ideas would return nothing from the search.  Ho ho!  You are wrong!  Putting on an outer space themed tea party shower is as simple as giving clever names to all the food, like “moon rocks” for scones and “rocket fuel” for the tea.

Complete list of party food:
– Cucumber and Chicken Salad Tea Sandwiches (“UFOs”)
– Scones with Cream and Raspberry Jam, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip and Double Chocolate Bread Loaves (“Moon Rocks”)
– Mini Strawberry Shortcakes (“Booster Rockets”)
– Bunches of Red Grapes (“Space Debris”)
– Tang, Iced Tea, and Hot Tea (“Rocket Fuel”)
– Almond Joy Cupcakes (couldn’t think of something to name them)
– Abandoned Idea: Mini Cotton Candy Sticks (“Nebulae”) because the humidity ruined the candy floss within 30 minutes 

Decor included:
– Tissue paper poms of various sizes
– Streamers with tissue paper circles and paper stars of various colors
– Blue hydrangeas with green pipe cleaner antennae (aliens!)
– Various other items utilizing some of the space stuffed toys I planned to give as part of my gift

And here are some of my favorite photos from the event:

Food Table
Circle Cucumber Sandwiches – using a circle cookie cutter for the bread
Mini scones and quarter slices of gourmet breads
Shot glasses filled with diced pound cake and strawberries with whipped cream
Almond Joy Cupcakes – chocolate cake, coconut buttercream, unsweetened coconut flakes with sugar stars and a chocolate covered almond on top
Butter Cookies decorated as baby spacemen with royal icing

Packaged spacemen and star cookies for favors
Personalized M&Ms favors, with one that said “And Baby Makes 3!” 
Mommy Gift: Capture Baby’s 1st Year in Photos – monthly onesies made with iron-on transfer paper and these templates


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