National Pi Day (= Pie)

It’s National Pi Day today, so to celebrate the wonders of math, I give you….

The first 50 digits of pi:

And some pie!
Rather, one of the easiest and tastiest key lime flavored pies in the world:  mini key lime ice cream pies.

First, your grocery list is just five items:
(1) 2 packages of prepared mini graham cracker pie crusts (Try Keebler brand) – this should make 10-12 pies
(2) One pint of a very good vanilla bean ice cream (I like Haagen Dazs)
(3) One bottle of key lime juice (I like Nellie and Joe’s)
(4) One can sweetened condensed milk (I like Eagle Brand, reduced fat ok)
Optional garnishes:  Heavy cream to make whipped cream, key lime halves (thinly sliced)
1. Melt ice cream (leave it out or 30 seconds in the microwave)
2. Mix together key lime juice and condensed milk
3. Fold ice cream into juice/milk until smooth
4. Pour into prepared crusts
5. Freeze
6. Garnish



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