A Year of Cupcake Decorating

Last September I set out to bake at least one new cupcake – either design or flavor – every month to spur my desire to be baking more often.  Plus, with the number of other cupcake and baking blogs I subscribe to on various sources, it was getting harder and harder not to try my hand at doing something similar.  Just looking at the 12 photos below, I can definitely see improvement in technique, both in baking and photography.  Hooray for practice! Now, my next decision is to either do 12 new cupcakes or move on to a year of cookie decorating.  What do you think?  Click on the month above each photo to be directed to that page.

September – Sno-cones
October – Fall Pumpkin Patch
November – Movie Popcorn
December – Fondant Holiday Figures
January – Superbowl
February – Champagne Romance
March – Rainbow Cupcakes
April – Bunny Butts
May – Taco Salads

June – Bird Nests

July – Hamburgers

August – Panda Bears

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