Space Needle Reflections

When visiting family in Seattle, I decided I wanted to challenge myself photographically to take a photo of the city’s most iconic landmark.  The only rule was that I could not take a direct photo of the Space Needle.  Instead, I searched for reflections in office buildings, on the exterior walls of the rainbow colored Experience Music Project, in windows, and in puddles left by sprinklers.  I had already taken a similar photo to the one above a few visits ago, same office building but on a different facade, so I knew it would create some fun shots.

Next to the Space Needle, there is a museum dedicated to the glass artistry of Dale Chihuly, best known for his glass ceiling-scape in the lobby of the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.  While the museum has several indoor displays, there is also a garden with several glass orbs placed amongst the grasses and flowers.  And, look what I found in some of them….the Space Needle!

I often find that when I’m bored with my latest photography efforts, or more like attempts, it’s fun to give myself a goal like I did with this project – be it take only photos of one color, doors, windows, reflections, etc.  It reminds you to search for the art in the everyday things we see.


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